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Mission Statement

Mission Red is a grassroots organization dedicated to elevating the menstrual justice movement through education, aid, and advocacy. Menstrual equity is equal access to hygiene products and increased education about reproductive health. At Mission Red, we are focused on helping to pass laws and bills that provide these services to schools, prisons, and shelters, as well as providing products to those in immediate need.

Current projects

Mission Accomplished

The goal of the Mission Accomplished Campaign is to raise funds that will go towards buying menstrual products for those in need in the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. areas. Please click the button below if you are interested in donating!

Current campaigns

Remove the pink tax

SB 231, a Bill sponsored by Senator Boysko, had the potential to exempt excessive taxes on essential hygienic products. The failure of this bill cannot mark the end of the fight to end period poverty. For more information on how to help, click the link below.

Current Legislation

Currently, Mission Red is working to pass SB 231 in Virginia and B23-0887 in Washington, D.C., two bills that would further our fight against menstrual inequity. These legislative efforts are making strides after our most recent policy-based victory in Fairfax County, a mandate requiring all public school bathrooms to provide necessary hygienic products. If you would like to stay updated on our legislative stides, please follow us on social media. 


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